chelsey dalzell creative inc

Chelsey Dalzell Creative Inc. is growing and looking for more talent!

Is this you?

What will this internship look like for you?

If you have previous experience we may fast track you to step 2.
For those that do not and reeeeeeeealllllllly want to learn.

The internship will be structured something like this:

  • Step 1: Your first 6 weeks will be unpaid and FULL of learning. Look forward to weekly design lessons, facilitation with Chelsey and practical work with clients.
  • Step 2: Your second 6 weeks (if this is still for you) will be a paid internship package. You will receive 10USD/Hour + 15USD/Hour contra (used for products, private sessions with me and/or further 1:1 design & business consulting)

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A maximum of 6 amazing people will be selected.

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