chelsey dalzell creative inc



Perfect for a podcast launch, new membership, adding services to your current business


  • 30 min create session
  • Creation and conceptualization of one beautiful brand.
  • Brand guide and elements. Including font & colour palette.
  • 1 x event graphic pack
  • 3 x promo memes
  • Editable templates for all graphics included.

Full Branding

Perfect for a 1st step or fresh start with your website, social media & online presence.


  • 1 hour x branding & business session
  • Creation and conceptualization of one beautiful brand.
  • Brand guide and elements. Including font & colour palette.
  • 1 x event graphic pack
  • Instagram grid conceptualization (9 x promo graphics)
  • Editable templates for all graphics included.
  • Custom logo

Working with Chelsey is truly a gift, she is a space of no judgement, every creation actualises with total ease and her contribution is beyond words. The ladies that are part of the Chelsey team are a huge contribution. Their interest and presence with every job makes every creation so exciting.

I have so much gratitude for what they create for my business. They have become part of my business, and it’s growth

J. P. – Owner of Beauty Salon & Spa, Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator

Chelsey has an intuitive sense of people and of business … neither of which is learned. You either have it or you don’t, and, she definitely does!

Since working with her my business has grown exponentially and so has my world. She has the ability to work with all kinds of people from all walks of life. She is able to provide for them what they are looking for, with kindness, good humor and an unerring eye for what’s required in order for that to occur. And, she has an amazing team, for whom I am beyond words grateful.

Thank you Chelsey! And thank you Chelsey’s team! My life is the better for having you in it.

A.M. – Child & Family Play Therapist, Best-Selling Author

Working with Chelsey Dalzell has been sublime! She’s the first web designer I have worked with that could really capture the look and feel I was hoping to achieve yet struggled to get across to other designers. Easy to talk to and responsive, I have no hesitation in recommending her and her team.

H.S. – Author & Personal Development Coach

Working with Chelsey and her team has been so much fun. They really care about what it is you are desiring to create in your business. She has surrounded herself with a variety of people with their own unique set of skills that make the engine Go..You really have a sense that they have your back and are always looking to create greater.. Grateful to be playing with this superstar team.

A.M. – Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator

It is rare to find someone who gets the business needs and creative needs of your company, while also intuitively knowing the value you bring to your customers.  Chelsey does all of this with contagious enthusiasm.  You literally want to take on your biggest challenges knowing she’s in your corner.

D.G. – Author, Content Developer & Professor of Business

This is the first time that I have so much joy to have my graphics created by someone else than me, the energy is always exactly what I had in my heart without knowing what it should look like! Chelsey and Jeannie read my heart to create vibrant graphics of my world and my energy!
It is so easy and joyful to create with them that I chose to create my website too, although I had resisted it for years for fear of being disappointed!
Each graphic is a magical discovery for me!
I even had tears in my eyes when I saw the draft of my website !!!!! Infinite gratitude 🙏

A.C. – Empowerment Coach